Squirrel Removal

Squirrels in the region of Etobicoke, Ontario are very common and they find the unlikeliest places to hide. Squirrels gnaw on the way to enter our households and they usually take up space in the attic spaces or in the storeroom. Being excellent climbers, squirrels can climb up to huge heights and also enter our houses through vents and chimney spaces. Given the damage that can be done to the plumbing and carpentry work in the house due to the presence of the squirrels, it is very important to go for appropriate professional squirrel removal services that help to get rid of the squirrel infestations at home.

Types of squirrel species

  • Eastern grey squirrel,
  • American red squirrel

How can we help?

We at Etobicoke Wildlife are proven experts when it comes to the removal of the wildlife infestations in your property. We have skilled experts in our team, who specialize when it comes to the wildlife removal process and we practice methods that are known to be safe and effective. All of our practices are known to be humane and we take extreme care to ensure not to harm the wildlife species in the process of removal. When undertaking the process of removal, we make sure to properly inspect the region and then go ahead with the removal process, thus ensuring that a proper plan is in place.